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My Chat with Ello CEO Paul Budnitz While a “fire-side chat” would have been awesome, this was definitely the highlight of my week. Late last week I published a post about questions I had regarding brands, advertising and censorship on the social network Ello, along with my personal thoughts and concerns. Thanks to the awesome team at Rival […]

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Will Ello Social Network Kill Facebook? And so begins the story of yet another Facebook-killer: Ello. When I first joined the Ello social network, I felt like a grandma trying to figure out Facebook. So unhip. I didn’t know where to go or what to do. The interface is so simple, and yet, I found myself confused […]

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Social Media Channels

Social Media is about ENGAGEMENT! Social media is all the rage, but it’s not just about posting your favorite inspirational message, sharing your beloved photos, or simply placing a link to your website. What really matters for brands is the way they are able to interact and engage with their audience in order to make […]

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I love hashtags. In fact, the first thing I did after getting engaged was send my family some wedding hashtag options to vote on (yes, I’ve got the social media bug bad!). So I thought I’d share my love of hashtags and dig into some tips to help all the marketing superheroes out there — […]

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Ann Handley MarketingProfs Speaking

One of the aspects of my job I love is that I learn something new every day. It could be about new technologies or agile processes or marketing. Then, there’s the awesome days where you learn several things at one time. This week at a conference organized by Heinz Marketing that we sponsored, I learned (or […]

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Google Plus Global Business  Presence

Marketers are constantly having to navigate multiple social networks, and it’s not always clear how best to set up your presence on each one.  There are clear benefits to each type of social identity. Whether you set up a personal profile, a company page or a combination of both depends on who you are, who your target […]

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Social Media Lead Nurturing

The business-to-business (B2B) landscape can be a difficult one to navigate — especially in the digital age. Social media has made it easier for just about anyone to become an opinion leader, making the information out there vast, conflicting and confusing.  Making your content stand out amid all this noise is a huge challenge, especially […]

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Website meta description title tag

Few marketers have the time or inclination to track their competitor’s website meta description, meta title tags or social profiles in order to learn of changes or updates.  But they should.  By doing so, you gain incredible competitive intelligence about potential changes in strategy, market positioning and even product direction.  You can also use this to track […]

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I love google plus

Do you need some reasons to use Google Plus? I get asked frequently, “do I need to use Google Plus?” Truthfully, the answer is usually no.  However, there are still many reasons to use Google Plus. Remember - Google loves Google, and if you are in the business-to-consumer market or if you are someone that enjoys a community […]

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Source:  http://beautyvlogadiaries.blogspot.com/

A bilingual blog post that digs into what’s going on with Latin America social media trends Every day I see hundreds of new profiles come through the Rival IQ system. Being half Mexican, I couldn’t help but notice how active my Latin American brother and sisters are on social media. Companies, politicians, community organizations, musicians and […]

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